Company overview

The Mail Service Pharmacy iLekáreň® is the first Slovakian Mail Service Pharmacy, which accepts telephone, fax and Internet orders. The portfolio consists of iLekáreň® OTC medicinal drugs, OTC medicinal drugs, medical products (cosmetics), dietary supplements (minerals, vitamins, functional foods, power snack), gluten-free foods, dressings and health literature. The Mail Service Pharmacy was established in 2001. The company is located in Komarno (Komarom).

Offering non-prescription and OTC medicinal drugs on the internet was not regulated by the Slovak medicinal drugs Act. At the beginning iLekáreň® stepped deliberately in a conflict with supervisors and the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacies. From their resistance, numerous media appearances occurred on Slovak radio, television and newspapers, which further increased the level of awareness of iLekáreň®. In a judgement of the European Court of December 2003, the medicinal drug shipment was considered in principle compatible with European law. iLekáreň® supplies the entire Slovak population since the publication of the judgement of the European Court. To further expand its business in Slovakia, the company initialised cooperation with the Association of Pharmacies (Družstvo lekární, družstvo, est. 2005) in 2008 and with the senior members of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacies. An important foundation stone was laid for the development of brand partnerships through this cooperation. All partners pharmacies of the iLekáreň® remain pharmaceutically and economically independent. There are up to now 102 pharmacies in Slovakia, which concluded brand partnership with iLekáreň® a.

With the Law on modernisation of the regulation of the operation of pharmacies of Slovak pharmacy market coming into force since 01.12.2009, the Slowak pharmacy market was again brought in motion. The Mail Service Trade of freely sold and OTC medicinal drugs was not only de facto but also introduced de jure expressis verbis. Prerequisite for the delivery of medicinal drugs to Slovak patients is that only OTC medicinal drugs that are approved or registered in Slovakia or are exempt from registration or approval are delivered. The sale of medicinal drugs in Slovakia is only allowed for pharmacies that basically meet all the requirements of a pharmacy without shipping trade in legal terms. These conditions are guaranteed for iLekáreň® by Offizinapotheke Lekáreň pri Váhu in Komárno.

A good advice is guaranteed by online consultation and discussion forums. Additionally, customers can benefit from the Health Journal Apothéka. In order to make the iLekáreň® business model and the business practice for pharmacists and pharmaceutical students more transparent, iLekáreň® has published complete information via brand partnerships at the Recruiting-Microsite.

iLekáreň® currently only accepts orders whose delivery address is located in Slovak territory.