Newpharma is the first and largest Belgian online pharmacy. Since its opening in 2008 Newpharma has always grown, it has developed and gained the trust of patients. About 200,000 patients have been supplied by Newpharma ever since, both in Belgium and internationally.

First online pharmacy in Belgium
Once it had been published, that Belgian law would allow Internet presence of pharmacies, the three founders of Newpharma joined together to explore this new opportunity. Mike Vandenhooft, Jérôme and Olivier Mallue Gobbesso combined their extensive expertise to develop the first Belgian online pharmacy. The official launch of Newpharma took place on 6 November of 2008.

After less than six months Newpharma website has already been awarded twice: not only as the best Belgian BeCommerce Start-Up, but also collectively as best website in the Belgian Internet Mail Service.

Newpharma offers both quantity and quality
Since its launch, Newpharma offers a comprehensive selection of available pharmacies products and OTC medications: over 30,000 products from 750 brands are now available. All of these products are subject to stringent quality requirements and are updated daily and controlled by in-house experts. For this reason orders at Newpharma are reliable and safe: Quality is always assured. Since Newpharma maintains close relations with laboratories and Belgian wholesalers, it is able to offer their patients the latest products immediately, and at the same time provide current information in addition to high quality.

Newpharma goes beyond borders
Newpharma is essentially a Belgian pharmacy, but their main market not restricted to Belgian territory: more and more foreign patients find their way to Newpharma. Orders are shipped in ten European countries. Democratic shipping prices and the recent introduction of additional supply possibilities offer flexible shipping solutions for both domestic and foreign patients.