The Zur Rose Group
The Swiss Zur Rose Group is a leading company in the field of pharmaceutical distribution in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is also the European number 1 in medicinal drug delivery. Zur Rose was founded in 1993 as health wholesaler and operated since 2001 as a Mail Service Pharmacy for private customers. The operational headquarters of the group is located in Frauenfeld (CH), from where also the Swiss market is served. In Germany and Austria, Zur Rose is active with its subsidiaries DocMorris in Heerlen (NL) and Zur Rose Pharma in Halle an der Saale (DE). Companies of Zur Rose Group are characterised by an innovative business model and contribute to an optimum and efficient supply of medicinal drugs at low prices. Zur Rose employed over 800 employees at various locations.

Zur Rose in Germany
DocMorris is the best-known pharmacy brand in Germany and also Europe's largest Mail Service Pharmacy. DocMorris is a subsidiary of Zur Rose. DocMorris stands for safe, high-quality and comprehensive pharmaceutical care. Always in focus of the Mail Service Pharmacy: the intensive customer dialogue. DocMorris continuously expands the pharmaceutical advice and provides the individual medicinal drug check as customer service. In the science-based, standardised counselling of each customer prior to delivery of the medicinal drug and also during the medicinal drug therapy, is seen by DocMorris as one of the essential tasks of the Mail Service Pharmacy. This applies in particular to the quality care for chronic patients.

The Zur Rose pharmacy in Halle (Saale) is one of Germany's leading Mail Service Pharmacies with full assortment. Owner is Ulrich Nachtsheim; senior pharmacist of the branch is Kathrin Grimm. The customers order online on, via catalogue, telephone, fax or pharmaceutical point in the DM market directly from the company. You will be advised by competent, TÜV-certified professionals. The philosophy of the house is the promise of quality: Every order is subjected to careful pre- and final inspection, including pharmaceutical interaction check. As a cooperation partner of the dm-drogerie market, Zur Rose pharmacy offers its customers also in dm stores an order and pick-up service of highest standards. Innovative Services such as a health counsellor and SMS reminders for taking medications round off the offer of quality at Zur Rose pharmacy. The Hallenser Mail Service Pharmacy has been active in the German market since 2005 and has DIMDI security Logo of the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information. This is awarded only to officially registered and supervised Mail Service Pharmacies.

The Zur Rose Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zur Rose, has been active in the pharmaceutical sector as a service provider for highly skilled logistics, marketing and services. It was founded in 2004. Among the partners of the company are large Mail Service Pharmacies Zur Rose pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy for health (VfG). Zur Rose Pharma is based in Halle (Saale) and employs approximately 80 people. Over 10,000 packet are sent daily from the 3,000 square meters large, ultra-modern logistics centre. Zur Rose Pharma carries the quality seal "TOP JOB", which rewards the best medium-sized employers in Germany.