Medicinal drug safety

A medicinal drug therapy can only be successful if the safety of medicines is ensured. Therefore, there is a whole series of measures for ongoing and systematic surveillance of medicinal drugs with the aim of minimising risk in order to make medicinal drugs safe. The measures range from safety standards for the production and transport of medicinal drugs through the proper delivery of medicinal drugs to the final consumer and as far as possible, ensuring proper use by patient according to doctor's instructions through to the return of medicinal drugs in the event of a recall by the manufacturers or by the authorities. Many of these areas are regulated by European and national laws and standards, so that patients in Europe can be sure to receive high quality medicinal drugs.

To ensure that patients can recognise safe Mail Service Pharmacies, the European Union introduced the mandatory green EU safety logo for all Mail Service Pharmacies on 1st July 2015. It features safe Mail Service Pharmacies, thus ensuring greater consumer protection. The logo is provided with the respective national flag of the Mail Service Pharmacy and it guarantees uniformity throughout the EU, thus offering a high level of transparency and safety in medicinal drug delivery. By clicking on the logo, you will be redirected to the website of each competent national authority for the Mail Service Pharmacy on which details concerning the authorisation of the pharmacy is found.

As an interface to the patient pharmacies are responsible for ensuring the safety of medicinal drugs: the pharmaceutical counselling of patients. For every order, Mail Service Pharmacies carry out a standardised systematic review of medicinal drug therapy for double prescription and interactions. This involves individual medication of customers over a period of several weeks - both medical prescriptions and OTC purchases are taken into account. As a result, Mail Service Pharmacies provide their customers with special services for medicinal drug therapy safety, individual care for patients and provide them with additional information. In case of discrepancies in medication, the patient and, if necessary, the attending physician is notified. Through individual and comprehensive medication information, Mail Service Pharmacies are quick to identify with callbacks of medicinal drugs capable of affected patients and to be informed. Many EU Member States already have databases where centralized patient records are stored. Doctors, pharmacists or even the patient himself can input all prescribed and purchased medication. This represents a significant increase in safety, even in the case of a medicinal drug recall.

In future, a special barcode on the medicinal drug packaging provides for more protection against counterfeit medicinal drugs. It contains a number that is only valid for the respective package. Before delivery of the medicinal drug, the pharmacist can ascertain by scanning the barcode, if the medicinal drug was counterfeited or part of a batch that was recalled by the manufacturer or the authorities. The legal basis is expected to be created at European level beginning 2016. The new labelling must be introduced within three years in all 28 Member States.