European mail-order pharmacies

Mail Service Pharmacies are safe

Two million people are well advised and looked after in European Mail Service Pharmacies every day. Mail Service Pharmacies provide consumers with freedom of choice: Especially for elderly or immobile people or those living in rural areas with low density of pharmacies, Mail Service Pharmacies are an important alternative source of supply. Customers benefit from medicinal drug delivery, innovative pharmacy concepts, good service and reasonable prices. Mail Service Pharmacies are advocating safe supply and are strong against illegal pharmaceutical pirates who put counterfeit medicinal drugs into circulation.

The Association of European Mail Service Pharmacies promotes and protects the interests of Mail Service Pharmacies in the European Union, in the EEA countries and in Switzerland. It is committed to the free movement of goods and for more competition in trade in Europe. The association promotes exchange of knowledge and information transfer between members. It ensures information on current developments in politics, economics and in the pharmaceutical market.

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