Company overview is the leading online retailer of pharmaceutical products of animal origin in the United Kingdom (UK). An extensive catalogue of accessories for pets, including high-quality feed, food supplements, medicinal drugs and accessories with a particular focus on veterinary diets and prescription and non-prescription medicinal drugs are offered.

The company was founded in 2007 by Ivan and Andrew Bucher Retzignac in North London. Before joining MedicAnimal Andrew spent six years as a practising veterinarian in UK, Ivan worked for Goldman Sachs in London. The Company acquired four other sites of competitors and operates French, German, Spanish and Dutch websites. is registered both in the United Kingdom as the issuing authority for veterinary medicinal drugs as well as a pharmacy and offers its clients free advice from his company's internal team of veterinarians and pharmacists via live chat, email or phone. On the website, news and notes are also publicly posted for livestock as well as on health issues.