Veterinary medicinal drugs

Whether dog, cat, or mouse many Europeans love pets. An estimate of over 30 million pets live in Germany, so that more than one in three households has an animal inhabitant. More pets are only kept in Russia and Italy. By opening the mail-order business for pharmacy and prescription medicinal drugs for animals, consumers' desire for more freedom of choice and practical relevance of veterinary medicinal drugs were taken into account via Mail Service Pharmacies in many EU countries. European pet owners can now order from Mail Service Pharmacies, beside freely sold preparation medicinal drugs also pharmacy-only and prescription medicinal drugs for animals that are not used for food production, and (special) food, dietary supplements, accessories and toiletries. The recipe must have been usually issued by the attending veterinarian. In addition, many Mail Service Pharmacies provide veterinary medicinal drugs at a good price-performance, as demand for inexpensive veterinary medicinal drugs is great in Europe. When buying, customers can get free advice by the pharmacy team.