EAMSP kicks off information campaign about digitization in German healthcare sector

Fighting the allergic reaction to anything new with #neuschnupfen

Brussels, Belgium | Hamburg, Germany, May 7, 2019

While online banking, ordering a taxi or doing their weekend shopping with an app has become commonplace for most Germans, many remain cautious when it comes to digital health services. In order to combat this scepticism and to highlight the benefits of digitization in the healthcare sector – with reference to successful innovation in other European countries – the European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies (EAMSP) is launching a new information campaign “#neuschnupfen” in social media, primarily on Instagram and Facebook, as well as on around 600 billboards in Berlin.

„With our #neuschnupfen campaign, we are giving a name to a phenomenon that’s frequently observed when it comes to digitization, i.e. the allergic reaction to anything new,” says EAMSP President Max Müller. “It takes place even though digitization makes healthcare better, simpler and more secure for everyone,” Müller adds. The information campaign is part of the association’s strategy to address concerns consumers and political actors might have about digital health services by arousing their curiosity and demonstrating the benefits of innovation.

The campaign creatively visualizes the fundamental concept of #neuschnupfen by using several motives designed in an illustrative style. Based on the motto that “We take the risks and side effects of digitization away”, the campaign by the European online pharmacies highlights the advantages of their new digital services. The campaign is designed to familiarize patients with the healthcare sector’s technological progress early on and to involve them in the ongoing digitization process. The EAMSP campaign is developed and implemented by Hamburg-based agency denkwerk.