EAMSP switches to .pharmacy Top Level Domain

The web page of the European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies (EAMSP) recently became the first one in Europe to switch its Top Level Domain to .pharmacy. The .pharmacy Domain is awarded globally by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) only to legal suppliers of pharmaceuticals and legitimate pharmacy-related resources on the internet. All holders are subject to an annual evaluation of their practices and legal status.


In general the domain is used as a means to identify legal suppliers of pharmaceuticals and related resources on the internet and to protect consumers from illegal offers by rogue providersIt is an effective way of protection, since the “seal of approval” is built into the web address/URL. A Top Level Domain cannot be copied and is therefore a valid and easy way to identify legal vendors.

The Top Level Domain complements the green EU Common Logo for mail service pharmacies, which was introduced on July 1st 2015. The Logo shows the national flag of the country, where the mail service pharmacy is registered. Through its uniformity in all Member States it guarantees a maximum of transparency and safety in the online-market for pharmaceuticals. The Logo is obligatory for all mail service pharmacies located in the European Union.

Both devices represent effective means to protect the consumer by identifying legal sources of pharmaceuticals and corresponding information on the internet.

The Association of European Mail Service Pharmacies promotes and protects the interests of Mail Service Pharmacies in the European Union, in the EEA countries and in Switzerland. It is committed to the free movement of goods and for more competition in trade in Europe. The association promotes exchange of knowledge and information transfer between members. It ensures information on current developments in politics, economics and in the pharmaceutical market.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®), the impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in protecting public health, is spearheading the .pharmacy initiative. To ensure the program operates in a manner consistent with international laws and standards, a global coalition of pharmacy community stakeholders provides guidance to the .Pharmacy TLD Program. In addition, the program:

•Establishes partnerships with regulators in each jurisdiction where the .pharmacy domain names are available, and

•Maintains the highest program standards through participation in global forums to gather input from international pharmacy community stakeholders.

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