EAMSP welcomes the European Parliament’s preliminary vote on veterinary medicinal products

The European Association of Mail-Order Pharmacies (EAMSP) welcomes the vote in the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee on veterinary medicinal products . The report by MEP Françoise Grossetête, which was adopted by a large majority, is an important step forward for animal health and the fight against antibiotic resistance.

We particularly welcome the fact that the rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs managed to find a constructive compromise on the issue of online sales of veterinary medicines. The position adopted by MEPs takes into account the fundamental difference on its implications for human safety between the provision of medicines for domestic animals and those for farm animals, specifically when it takes into account the large volumes of antimicrobials used in farm animals. Instead of introducing a blanket ban on the online sales of all prescription veterinary medicines, the parliamentarians decided to limit the ban to a few but pivotal categories of products, i.e. antimicrobials, psychotropic and immunological/biological veterinary medicines. This means that pet owners will still be able to purchase vital prescription medicines online, often at lower prices, to treat common domestic animal diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney, heart and liver diseases as well as both internal and external parasites.

We believe that, when properly regulated, the online provision of veterinary medicinal products provides a beneficial service to both consumers and public health safety, in particular by facilitating the controlled access to these products throughout the European Union. Online pharmacy provision has been recognised both in EU Case Law  and by specific legislation . The legitimate mail service pharmacy sector has also provided the necessary safeguards to ensure the safety of online pharmacies. Regulated online pharmacy distribution can contribute to achieving the stated objectives of the Regulation on Veterinary Medicinal Products, which include improving the availability of veterinary medicines, market competition and the functioning of the internal market.

We now call on the European Parliament to uphold its position in plenary and on the Council of the European Union to recognize the numerous benefits that the legitimate online pharmacies bring to consumers, by permitting the online sales of both prescription and non-prescription veterinary medicines for domestic animals.


Founded in 2000, the European Association of Mail Service Pharmacies (EAMSP) represents European mail order and online pharmacies. Our members serve over 2 million customers daily. Some of our members also serve or even focus on veterinary medical products, mainly for companion animals. It is our core purpose to offer pharmacy at its best, which is why we are in favour of regulation that makes pharmacy, whatever distribution channel is used, safe and reliable.


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